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07 August 2013

From Porn To Speech: Censorship For Your Own Good

It’s for our own good, right? Recently, UK prime minister David Cameron announced a political crusade that would require broadband Internet subscribers to “…

01 June 2013

BSA Lifts Ban on Gay Scouts…with Conditions

At least it’s a step in the right direction? After much discussion and rallying from both sides of the issue, the Boy Scouts of America have finally voted to lif…

28 May 2013

Nintendo Doesn’t Own Gaming Videos

In a move that has shaken the ever-growing Internet gameplay community, Nintendo has recently started flagging YouTube videos containing gameplay content from their va…

04 April 2013

Finding Dory: More Cautious Than Optimistic

In a move that many people thought may have been a late April Fools’ Joke, actor and comedian Ellen DeGeneres announced that not only would she be returning for …

31 March 2013

Crucifixion Trivialization: A Modern Religious Flagellation

Irregardless of whether you believe it or not, it’s generally agreed that the oft-praised greatness in the story of Jesus Christ relies on a few things…

19 March 2013

Never-Ending War: The Reality of Samus Aran

NOTE: THIS ARTICLE CONTAINS SPOILERS FOR METROID: OTHER M Video games are a spectacular outlet to allow the mixing of reality and fantasy into intriguing and enduring …

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29 July 2013

Dust: An Elysian Tale Review

For a full review of Dust: An Elysian Tale, please check out our video review above. For an annotated written review, please continue to the next page…

23 July 2013

New Super Luigi U Game Review

At the beginning of the year, Nintendo announced that 2013 was to be named The Year of Luigi, in which they’d give the guy in green the limelight he deserves by …

10 July 2013

Despicable Me 2 Movie Review

After suffering two critical flops in a row with 2011′s Hop and 2012′s The Lorax, Illumination Entertainment has returned to the property that made them a …

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09 February 2013

Star Wars, Sexy Statues, & Pastors

Elton John and Penn Jillette get named dropped in this special, two-hour episode of Why The Aliens Won’t Land featuring discussions on Star Wars, sexual insecuri…

26 January 2013

Armed Women, Urination, & LEGOs

In this episode, Lei Adeline and Matthew Renfro ask the tough questions, like: Would you kill someone who peed on your driveway? Mortal Kombat, Helmets for Cancer Kids…

21 January 2013

Aaron Swartz, Glenn Beck, & Imaginary Girlfriends

In this pilot edition of Why The Aliens Won’t Land, Lei Adeline and Matthew Renfro discuss the suicide of Aaron Swartz, Glenn Beck’s new Ayn Rand-based com…