There’s a problem in traditional media. Practitioners of traditional forms of journalism, from newspapers to television news and everything in between, are waging an internal war between the news and their biases. Many unintentionally slip in bias to pieces that are supposed to be free from opinion. Others do it very intentionally, subtly trying to influence their unsuspecting consumers.

Who Are We?

Smart When Shouting was created to tackle this problem by being as forward with our biases as possible. We let our opinions shine so that, while you receive all the straight facts of a story, you don’t get it with subtle mind-shifting opinions sprinkled within.

We believe that, by making our opinions as forward and essential as possible, our audience can better discern the truth and, hopefully, make their own informed opinions on any specific subject.

Do We Censor?

Every article on SWS is opinion-based with actual sources, evidence, and arguments to back up claims. While we don’t edit for opinion, we do our best to make sure that blind hate speech and unwarranted attacks don’t make it onto our site. We also edit for grammar and style.

Our Mascot

Our site’s mascot is Carmen the Contrarian.

Carmen the Contrarian

Carmen the Contrarian

Carmen is a young cyclops with a strong mouth and unabashed opinions. You’ll probably see him a lot around the site, so we hope you like him!