PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale Game Review


Thanks to the success of Nintendo’s Super Smash Bros. franchise, the mascot brawler genre has seen a fair amount of titles in recent years, covering everything from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Cartoon Network shows to Shonen Jump mangas and Konami games. Though some of these titles were okay, none of them ever seemed to capture the same spirit or nostalgia that made Nintendo’s fighter so great, with many being hunkered down by gameplay that was unpolished 0r simply lacking the Smash’s fun feel. And now, with Sony now on its third generation of home consoles, they feel the PlayStaytion brand has a more than adequate stable of iconic characters to create a mascot fighting game. Developer SuperBot Entertainment… Read More →

ZobmiU Game Review


Nintendo consoles have been a consistently strong home to great “E for Everyone” titles and games generally aimed at a younger audience ever since they released the NES back in 1985. With games like Mario, Pokemon, and Kirby leading their pack, the Big N tends to stay away from the grit and gore of more mature titles, very rarely going more “adult” than simple sword-fighting. However, the ever family-friendly company just turned 23 this last September and with age comes yet an ambitious console release in the Wii U. With this new system, both Nintendo and Ubisoft hope to usher in a new era of Nintendo that gives greater attention to hardcore gamers. How do they hope to kick this new… Read More →

Why You Might Not Get Your Wii U At Midnight


The Wii U is, undoubtedly, the biggest and most important gaming release of 2012. The successor to one of the most popular video game consoles of all time – one that ushered in thousands upon thousands of new people into the medium – the Wii U is an industry force on a massive scale. Though it might not have the immediate flash of the latest Halo or Call of Duty title, the proof is there that it will be the face of video games for a number of years to come. Not only is the Wii U the latest home system from the only major hardware-producing company dedicated exclusively to making video games, but it is also the first Nintendo… Read More →

New Gameplay Styles Wii U Should Explore


With the Wii U’s launch date creeping ever closer and Nintendo being…well, Nintendo, many gamers are still wondering what exactly their new, heavily hyped GamePad can or will do. Having recently played with one myself, I have to say there are some pretty interesting possibilities for Nintendo and other developers if they choose the right types of games to utilize it. With the Wii U having three possible controller options, that being the classic Wiimote and Nunchuck combination and the new GamePad and Pro Controller, Nintendo needs to be careful about how they controller use for each game. Luckily for the Big N, having a second screen and control surface isn’t virgin territory. The successful DS line of systems has been around for eight years, giving Nintendo… Read More →

Dishonored Game Review


In an industry plagued by reboots and sequels, it’s always nice to see a new IP released to mix up the monotony. A fresh face is always welcome in the wave of new Halo, Assassin’s Creed, Call of Duty, and Mario titles. Sadly, not all IPs are good, and the real question is whether Dishonored, a new  adventure from BioShock 2 developer Arkane Studios, is worthy of a spot amongst the many established franchises releasing titles this Holiday season. Dishonored is an interesting game to say the least. Placing players in the shoes of Corvo Attano, Royal Protector to the empress, the story finds Corvo betrayed and framed both for the murder of the queen and the disappearance of her daughter, sending him… Read More →

Tokyo Jungle Game Review

Tokyo Jungle Game Review

Tokyo Jungle’s premise is fairly simple to understand: All humans have disappeared and animals now reign supreme. Players can choose from a large roster of playable animals and try to survive as long as possible. When I first caught wind of the game over a year ago I was highly intrigued by that  premise. However, after snooping around the Internet, I became disappointed that there was no planned US release in sight. After the game launched to massive success in Japan, however, selling out all physical copies within two weeks. The game’s success eventually led to an American release and now Tokyo Jungle is finally available as a PlayStation Network downloadable title. But does it live up to its incredibly interesting premise? Tokyo Jungle, for the… Read More →

Real Gamers Don’t Play on Easy?


A few weeks ago I was at my local GameStop reserving a game. I was talking to the clerk about a great game that I had just finished when a fellow customer walked in during our conversation. After overhearing what we had to say the patron chimed in, saying that he to liked the game we were discussing, Darksiders, and had just beaten it on the hardest difficulty possible. He then asked what difficulty i played the game on. I quickly explained that I had played it on easy because it gave me a challenge without going overboard on difficulty. After hearing this, the customer scoffed and told me that “you’re not a gamer.” Soon, after a short debate, I… Read More →

Darksiders II Game Review

Darksiders II

When Vigil Games released the original Darksiders in 2010 it was met with mixed reactions. Many criticized it for borrowing too heavily from other franchises such like The Legend of Zelda and God of War as well as containing a tedious skill tree. Others, however, noted the fairly competent combat system, upgradable weapons, and huge open world, all amounting to an above average first outing for the series.  Darksiders II expands and improves upon the mechanics introduced in the first game. It is not so much of a sequel but rather a story arc that runs parallel to that of the original game. The story picks up shortly after the events at the beginning of the first Darksiders, with Death embarking… Read More →