From Porn To Speech: Censorship For Your Own Good


It’s for our own good, right? Recently, UK prime minister David Cameron announced a political crusade that would require broadband Internet subscribers to “opt-in” to being able to view web-based pornography. ISPs would be required to use web-filtering system called HomeSafe that would, by default, restrict users from being able to access pornographic content. The whole campaign is being marketed under the “for the children” mantra that so many politicians have used over time to try and, as best they could, eradicate things they dislike. Just like Tennessee banning the discussion of homosexuality in public schools or multiple states banning atheists from holding public office, Cameron’s plan is nothing more than spite for an innocuous cultural staple manifesting into an abuse… Read More →

BSA Lifts Ban on Gay Scouts…with Conditions


At least it’s a step in the right direction? After much discussion and rallying from both sides of the issue, the Boy Scouts of America have finally voted to lift the organization’s ban on admitting gay scouts. Finally, boys who are gay will no longer be under threat of being kicked out of the organization or having their achievements stripped away. Sadly, this announcement comes with a number of conditions that still marginalizes the gay and bisexual scouting community. Most prominently while the ban on gay scouts has been lifted the ban on gay scout leaders hasn’t, meaning that there’s a timer on a person’s acceptance in the organization. The BSA is, quite literally, punishing the kids who love scouting… Read More →

Nintendo Doesn’t Own Gaming Videos


In a move that has shaken the ever-growing Internet gameplay community, Nintendo has recently started flagging YouTube videos containing gameplay content from their vast library of interactive titles, a group of games ranging from classics like Super Mario Bros. and The Legend of Zelda to more modern titles like…well, New Super Mario Bros. and The Legend of Zelda. After becoming a YouTube partner and registering their copyrights on the website’s database, Nintendo began flagging content containing certain amounts of recognizable footage from Nintendo properties. But instead of forcing the video creators to take their work down, a move Sega pulled previously regarding some of their classic titles, Nintendo opted to place ads on the videos in question, meaning that Nintendo… Read More →

Finding Dory: More Cautious Than Optimistic


In a move that many people thought may have been a late April Fools’ Joke, actor and comedian Ellen DeGeneres announced that not only would she be returning for the hotly anticipated Finding Nemo sequel, but also that it had an official name: Finding Dory. According to information from Ellen and director Andrew Stanton, the movie will feature returns from many characters, including Nemo, Marlin, and the tank gang, while the story will take place a year after the original and follow Ellen’s character Dory as she reconnects with lost family. Finding Dory is set to be released in late 2015 and, while many people are quite excited about the project, I have sadly found nothing but reason to be… Read More →

Crucifixion Trivialization: A Modern Religious Flagellation


Irregardless of whether you believe it or not, it’s generally agreed that the oft-praised greatness in the story of Jesus Christ relies on a few things. To start it depends on Jesus actually being who he claimed, the son of Yahweh, which is what his status of being able to perform miracles and leading under Yahweh’s name both depended on. It’s also essential that he led a sinless life, that being what would allow him to take on the sins of everyone else and essentially pay their way into Heaven. These, among other specifics, are what the story of Christ relies on to hold any weight in reality. Without them it is literally nothing more then a very famous and… Read More →

Never-Ending War: The Reality of Samus Aran


NOTE: THIS ARTICLE CONTAINS SPOILERS FOR METROID: OTHER M Video games are a spectacular outlet to allow the mixing of reality and fantasy into intriguing and enduring experiences that frequently stand the test of time and allow individuals to mold and shape their ways of life. And, more than many others, the Metroid series fits in perfectly with this idea, taking what we know to be true in the real world and twisting it with a bit of science fiction. While the series as a whole has generated mostly positive acclaim by both gamers and critics alike, the most recent installment – Metroid: Other M – has drawn a lot of harsh criticism for what I feel Team Ninja and… Read More →

Video Game Remakes: Nintendo, You’re Doing It Wrong


Though I may be in the minority among more dedicated gamers, I absolutely love video game remakes. From earlier examples like the Super Mario All-Stars pack to more recent HD bundles, I’ve consistently found remakes to be a great thing for both gamers and the video game industry. Aside from the occasional lazy one, remakes offer an invaluable service to both new and old fans of a title. Old fans get the chance to re-experience a game in better quality, reliving all the fun without the worry of dated graphics or sound due to hardware limitations, while new gamers get to enjoy some great games they missed for whatever reason without having to deal with that financial and aesthetic hassle of… Read More →

Snubtastic: Who Should Really Win the Oscar


Part of Our Academy Awards 2013 Features Thanks to its voting demographic and political undercurrents, the Academy Awards have become notorious for nominating and awarding what many people consider to be the wrong films. And, though a highly subjective matter, there is a strong consensus that every year there are a few films to get “snubbed” of awards they deserve. That’s not to say that the Academy is malicious or mindless, of course. After all there are plenty of places where they do make the right choices, and even some of the wrong choices they made were to give worthy people who never got an Oscar their due, even if the specific film in question wasn’t quite up to snuff. But still, just like… Read More →

Maiden Names Only, No Misters Allowed


Not even a name change can be easy, can it? In an “act of love,” South Florida resident Lazaro Sopena agreed to change his last name in respect to his new spouse, Hanh Dinh, and her Vietnamese family’s desire to continue on their family name, as opposed to the standard cultural tradition of the wife taking her husband’s last name. A good, un-newsworthy story, no? Well, it doesn’t end there. After updating his various official documents, which included obtaining a new Social Security card, the newly-inducted Dinh went and got a new Driver’s License from the local DMV, providing all funds and paperwork required of him. And, according to Dinh, everything went smoothly. Over a year later, however, Dinh was notified that… Read More →

ReviewerCard: Certify Your Dishonesty


I write reviews. Lots of them. It’s something I’m known for and have been known for, both online and in my personal life, for years. My opinion is one of my defining aspects and it has made me the recipient of everything from admiration and awards to hate and death threats. I am a critic. And, as a critic, the new ReviewerCard from Brad Newman offends me on a deeply personal level, just as I imagine it offends any other critic with an ounce of respect for themselves or their reviews. It doesn’t end there, though. After all, who cares if we’re offended? In a reworking of a popular Internet rule, it’s true that if something exists, someone will be offended… Read More →