Nintendo Doesn’t Own Gaming Videos


In a move that has shaken the ever-growing Internet gameplay community, Nintendo has recently started flagging YouTube videos containing gameplay content from their vast library of interactive titles, a group of games ranging from classics like Super Mario Bros. and The Legend of Zelda to more modern titles like…well, New Super Mario Bros. and The Legend of Zelda. After becoming a YouTube partner and registering their copyrights on the website’s database, Nintendo began flagging content containing certain amounts of recognizable footage from Nintendo properties. But instead of forcing the video creators to take their work down, a move Sega pulled previously regarding some of their classic titles, Nintendo opted to place ads on the videos in question, meaning that Nintendo… Read More →

Never-Ending War: The Reality of Samus Aran


NOTE: THIS ARTICLE CONTAINS SPOILERS FOR METROID: OTHER M Video games are a spectacular outlet to allow the mixing of reality and fantasy into intriguing and enduring experiences that frequently stand the test of time and allow individuals to mold and shape their ways of life. And, more than many others, the Metroid series fits in perfectly with this idea, taking what we know to be true in the real world and twisting it with a bit of science fiction. While the series as a whole has generated mostly positive acclaim by both gamers and critics alike, the most recent installment – Metroid: Other M – has drawn a lot of harsh criticism for what I feel Team Ninja and… Read More →

Video Game Remakes: Nintendo, You’re Doing It Wrong


Though I may be in the minority among more dedicated gamers, I absolutely love video game remakes. From earlier examples like the Super Mario All-Stars pack to more recent HD bundles, I’ve consistently found remakes to be a great thing for both gamers and the video game industry. Aside from the occasional lazy one, remakes offer an invaluable service to both new and old fans of a title. Old fans get the chance to re-experience a game in better quality, reliving all the fun without the worry of dated graphics or sound due to hardware limitations, while new gamers get to enjoy some great games they missed for whatever reason without having to deal with that financial and aesthetic hassle of… Read More →

Disney Infinity: No Girls Allowed?


It is by no means bold for me to say that I love Disney. The House of Mouse, despite its many problems, holds a special place in my life and has ever since I first started watching things like The Aristocats with my grandmother as a tiny little kid. To this day seeing the Disney logo before a movie can send pleasant chills down my spine even if the movie itself doesn’t hold its own next to the studio’s classics. This is one of the things that led to my curiosity, excitement, and trepidation about the upcoming Disney Infinity, a new gaming project from Disney Interactive. Following a similar concept to the Skylanders series from Activision, players will be required… Read More →

Consolation Prize: Pokemon and Wii U


Though many spectacular-looking first-party Nintendo titles have already been announced or are on everybody’s mind, there’s no doubt that Pokemon is among those left to speculate over. Following the track record of previous home consoles, Pokemon games that aren’t on a handheld have been vastly hit or miss. And, unlike their portable counterparts (Ranger and Mystery Dungeon included), some of them don’t follow a formula at all. So what does this mean for the upcoming Wii U and it’s relationship with Pokemon? Let’s start off with the elephant in the room and, coincidentally, what I don’t want to see on the WiiU: a main series Pokemon title following the recently-released Black Version 2 and White Version 2. While it may be a… Read More →

A Sony Fan’s Thoughts on Wii U


I’ve had a rich history with Nintendo and their products. As a kid I had most of their consoles, especially ones from their GameBoy line, and they were the only real gaming device I had access to. However, despite that, I simply didn’t enjoy most of the games for them. I was still a gamer, though, and once GameStop began offering trade-in credit for used titles, I traded in my Nintendo products and purchased the original PlayStation. I’ve been a Sony gamer ever since, and have had no regrets. I still kept up with Nintendo, however, enjoying the GameCube (their latest console at the time) and its solid titles like Super Mario Sunshine and Super Smash Bros. Brawl. However, it… Read More →

New Gameplay Styles Wii U Should Explore


With the Wii U’s launch date creeping ever closer and Nintendo being…well, Nintendo, many gamers are still wondering what exactly their new, heavily hyped GamePad can or will do. Having recently played with one myself, I have to say there are some pretty interesting possibilities for Nintendo and other developers if they choose the right types of games to utilize it. With the Wii U having three possible controller options, that being the classic Wiimote and Nunchuck combination and the new GamePad and Pro Controller, Nintendo needs to be careful about how they controller use for each game. Luckily for the Big N, having a second screen and control surface isn’t virgin territory. The successful DS line of systems has been around for eight years, giving Nintendo… Read More →

Why Wii Games Won’t Look Better on Wii U

Wii Upscale

A while back, images and videos of gamers emulating various Wii games to great effect began surfacing online. Aside from playing incredibly well, with ways to remake the console’s motion controls proving effective, the titles looked better than they ever had on Nintendo’s Wii console itself thanks to upscaling systems that rendered the games in full 1080p. Due to the Wii’s limited graphics rendering capabilities, many beautiful games like Super Mario Galaxy, The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword, and Metroid Prime 3 weren’t able to show their full aesthetic upon initial release, appearing more pixelated or muddy than desired. However these new demonstrations of what Wii games, when played on a system capable of upscaling them, could do were simply… Read More →

Introducing: Wii U Hype Month

Wii U Hype Month

In celebration of Nintendo’s upcoming video game console, the Wii U, Smart When Shouting is proud to announce Wii U Hype Month! Starting Oct. 20, we will be bringing readers tons of great Wii and Wii U related articles, ranging from game previews to Top 9′s and everything in-between. Our coverage will begin this Saturday and go through the Wii U’s launch week, so stay tuned to our website and Twitter for alerts when each new article is released!

Foxy Graphics and the Next Metal Gear Solid


In the realm of video games, gameplay engines are the backbone of everything. Working with new, upcomming, and evolving technology to make a piece of software that can be used to make an interactive experience is essential to digital artists hoping to make a AAA title. Though many engines exist – from in-house and console specific engines utilized by Nintendo, Sony, and other developers to public engines like Unity – few are more noteworthy than the new Fox Engine from Kojima Productions and the new title being used to show it off, Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes. Upon first glance, the trailer seems like it could be nothing more than a well-polished cinematic that will have little bearing on how… Read More →