From Porn To Speech: Censorship For Your Own Good


It’s for our own good, right? Recently, UK prime minister David Cameron announced a political crusade that would require broadband Internet subscribers to “opt-in” to being able to view web-based pornography. ISPs would be required to use web-filtering system called HomeSafe that would, by default, restrict users from being able to access pornographic content. The whole campaign is being marketed under the “for the children” mantra that so many politicians have used over time to try and, as best they could, eradicate things they dislike. Just like Tennessee banning the discussion of homosexuality in public schools or multiple states banning atheists from holding public office, Cameron’s plan is nothing more than spite for an innocuous cultural staple manifesting into an abuse… Read More →

BSA Lifts Ban on Gay Scouts…with Conditions


At least it’s a step in the right direction? After much discussion and rallying from both sides of the issue, the Boy Scouts of America have finally voted to lift the organization’s ban on admitting gay scouts. Finally, boys who are gay will no longer be under threat of being kicked out of the organization or having their achievements stripped away. Sadly, this announcement comes with a number of conditions that still marginalizes the gay and bisexual scouting community. Most prominently while the ban on gay scouts has been lifted the ban on gay scout leaders hasn’t, meaning that there’s a timer on a person’s acceptance in the organization. The BSA is, quite literally, punishing the kids who love scouting… Read More →

Top Nine Movies of 2012


Part of Our Academy Awards 2013 Features Unlike video games, it’s exponentially easier to come up with a list of a year’s best movies. While it’s still impossible to see everything, the simple fact of films being shorter and less costly than games means that, in general, a ‘best movies’ list can more easily be trusted to one individual. And that’s exactly what we’ve done here. The rules are simple: the movie had to have been given a wide-release in the United States for the first time in 2012, meaning re-releases are excluded, or its initial (or, in some cases, only) release must have been online. That being said, let’s get on with the list. Brave Pixar’s latest movie Brave has received a lot of… Read More →

Maiden Names Only, No Misters Allowed


Not even a name change can be easy, can it? In an “act of love,” South Florida resident Lazaro Sopena agreed to change his last name in respect to his new spouse, Hanh Dinh, and her Vietnamese family’s desire to continue on their family name, as opposed to the standard cultural tradition of the wife taking her husband’s last name. A good, un-newsworthy story, no? Well, it doesn’t end there. After updating his various official documents, which included obtaining a new Social Security card, the newly-inducted Dinh went and got a new Driver’s License from the local DMV, providing all funds and paperwork required of him. And, according to Dinh, everything went smoothly. Over a year later, however, Dinh was notified that… Read More →

Top Nine Games of 2012


It’s always hard to come up with a “best video games” list each year due to the simple fact of quantity. So many games in a huge variety of genres are released each year that it’s difficult to play all of the major releases and would be impossible to experience them all. So, we thought we’d do something different and have three of our top contributors, Michael Bush, Lei Adeline, and Matthew Renfro, work together to create a list that best represents the site as a whole. The rules are simple: the game had to have been launched in the United States for the first time in 2012, meaning  HD remakes and ports are excluded, and it cannot be an add-on to… Read More →

Coordinates or Chromosomes?: Pokemon X/Y Trailer Analysis


There’s no doubt that the Pokemon series has evolved (pun intended) vastly since its initial release back in 1996. From the worlds and gameplay to the Pokemon themselves, the world of Pocket Monsters have come a long way since the days of Red and Blue. And never has this been more apparent than in the newly introduced Pokemon X and Pokemon Y, also known as “Generation VI”. Coming hot off the heels of Generation V (the Black and White series), so far we only have a trailer and few factoids here and there about this next-gen experience, but that’s certainly enough to figure out both what’s true about the new games and speculate about things Nintendo has yet to reveal…. Read More →

Kyurem vs. The Sword of Justice Movie Review


The Pokemon anime is easily one of the most odorless and unexciting video game-based cartoons of all time. From stale characters to boring storylines, it simply lacks the bite of other animes or even other Pokemon properties. Every once in a while, however, a feature film based off the show is released that tweaks the formula in such a way that the subject matter actually becomes enjoyable to watch. Though not every Pokemon movie gets it right, many do and each new release warrants excitement. The latest of these is Kyurem vs. The Sword of Justice, a fresh take on the tired formula of “follow Ash and his stupid friends” that shows just what Pokemon movies should be: about Pokemon…. Read More →