BSA Lifts Ban on Gay Scouts…with Conditions


At least it’s a step in the right direction? After much discussion and rallying from both sides of the issue, the Boy Scouts of America have finally voted to lift the organization’s ban on admitting gay scouts. Finally, boys who are gay will no longer be under threat of being kicked out of the organization or having their achievements stripped away. Sadly, this announcement comes with a number of conditions that still marginalizes the gay and bisexual scouting community. Most prominently while the ban on gay scouts has been lifted the ban on gay scout leaders hasn’t, meaning that there’s a timer on a person’s acceptance in the organization. The BSA is, quite literally, punishing the kids who love scouting… Read More →

Crucifixion Trivialization: A Modern Religious Flagellation


Irregardless of whether you believe it or not, it’s generally agreed that the oft-praised greatness in the story of Jesus Christ relies on a few things. To start it depends on Jesus actually being who he claimed, the son of Yahweh, which is what his status of being able to perform miracles and leading under Yahweh’s name both depended on. It’s also essential that he led a sinless life, that being what would allow him to take on the sins of everyone else and essentially pay their way into Heaven. These, among other specifics, are what the story of Christ relies on to hold any weight in reality. Without them it is literally nothing more then a very famous and… Read More →

ReviewerCard: Certify Your Dishonesty


I write reviews. Lots of them. It’s something I’m known for and have been known for, both online and in my personal life, for years. My opinion is one of my defining aspects and it has made me the recipient of everything from admiration and awards to hate and death threats. I am a critic. And, as a critic, the new ReviewerCard from Brad Newman offends me on a deeply personal level, just as I imagine it offends any other critic with an ounce of respect for themselves or their reviews. It doesn’t end there, though. After all, who cares if we’re offended? In a reworking of a popular Internet rule, it’s true that if something exists, someone will be offended… Read More →

Bad Business: Machinima, It’s Not A Game


Losing a job sucks. No one can deny this. Being fired is an awful experience, especially if it’s not because of something you did. Losing your job sends a shock to your system and, even worse, means that you have to go searching for a new one before either your savings or sanity run out. It is, however, a fact of business. Businesses and their supply of money are always fluctuating and, as a result, people are hired and fired all the time for reasons beyond that of their own competence. No one can really say that a job dismissal is wrong or evil because it’s simply a natural economic event. What is wrong, however, is a business trend that… Read More →

Why You Might Not Get Your Wii U At Midnight


The Wii U is, undoubtedly, the biggest and most important gaming release of 2012. The successor to one of the most popular video game consoles of all time – one that ushered in thousands upon thousands of new people into the medium – the Wii U is an industry force on a massive scale. Though it might not have the immediate flash of the latest Halo or Call of Duty title, the proof is there that it will be the face of video games for a number of years to come. Not only is the Wii U the latest home system from the only major hardware-producing company dedicated exclusively to making video games, but it is also the first Nintendo… Read More →

America: What We Voted For


With another Presidential election in the bag, most media outlets will be focusing on only one question: who America picked for president. However, that’s not the only thing America voted on yesterday, and it’s important to look at what else citizens said with their votes. This election, America voted in favor of women, with states electing more females to the Senate than ever before, many of whom faced male opposition. America voted against drug restrictions, legalizing recreational marijuana usage in three states. America voted in favor of gay marriage and the LGBTQ community, with four states passing initiatives in favor of gay marriage and Wisconsin electing the country’s first gay Senator, Tammy Baldwin. America voted in favor of diversity and opportunity, with… Read More →

Debating Beyond Party Lines: Ending Fanboy Politics


An unsettling trend has become ever more present during this past election season. A type of fanboy politics is rearing its ugly head once again in American culture, one that prohibits and constrains real discussion, criticism, and arguments through tacky blame tactics and a shirking of responsibility. And, as with many of the things wrong with American politics, it stems from the two-party system. For those unaware, the United States relies on a system of voting referred to as first-past-the-post, or FPP. In this system, the winning candidate is decided by whoever obtains the most votes, with each candidate generally being backed by a party of like-minded supporters using their time and resources to get their preferred political player a… Read More →

iPad 4: Not the New Generation

iPad "4th Generation"

After much media speculation and hype, Apple revealed a variety of brand new iPad and iMac products at their press conference Oct. 23. The first and most exciting of the things revealed was the new iPad Mini, a smaller, cheaper iPad designed for the more portable-minded and lower-income tablet users. A direct competitor to the likes of the Kindle Fire, the iPad Mini contains similar specs to the 3rd Generation iPad and will undoubtedly dominate the market. Despite not announcing it at their press conference last month, as we discussed in a past article, Apple has decided to take the market plunge with the Mini seeing as their other new lines have already launched and infiltrated the lives of many Apple… Read More →

Lying Sack of Mitt: The Hypocrisy of Romney

Mitt Romney

It’s quite sad what modern politics have become. Instead of focusing on actual issues like the economy, government spending, poverty, social equality, the war, the debt – you know, the things that people are truly concerned about – the entire political arena has become focused on finding out how big of a liar each candidate actually is. But, being this as it is, tons of dirt has been lifted on the life and times of Mitt Romney, the last Republican nominee left standing after the slow, snore-worthy events of the 2012 primaries. And boy what dirt it is, ranging from recent events all the way back to his early adulthood and times in the Mormon church. In fact, let’s start… Read More →

EA Sues Zynga for Copyright Infringement


In an unsurprising move Electronic Arts, the infamous video game publisher behind such franchises as Madden NFL, Need for Speed, Mass Effect, and Dragon Age, filed a lawsuit against social games studio Zynga. The suit claimed that Zynga’s Facebook title The Ville stole not only ideas from EA’s own The Sims Social but also the game’s style and framework, citing numerous examples from the game’s character models and character creation engine to its sleeping and showering animations. The lawsuit as a whole is fairly standard, showing in as many ways as possible how The Ville copies The Sims Social. However, EA’s lawsuit goes one step beyond, citing other Zynga games, including their most popular title Farmville, and showing how they blatantly… Read More →