New Super Luigi U Game Review


At the beginning of the year, Nintendo announced that 2013 was to be named The Year of Luigi, in which they’d give the guy in green the limelight he deserves by sending gamers multiple titles that either feature or star Luigi. Keeping good on their promise Nintendo has released New Super Luigi U, an expansion title available as downloadable content for New Super Mario Bros. U and, in late August, as a stand-alone game. And, at first glance, it seems like your standard Mario hop-n-bop platformer. All is not as it seems, however, as this time Mario is nowhere to be found and it’s up to Luigi, Blue Toad, Yellow Toad, and newcomer Nabbit to rescue Princess Peach from Bowser…. Read More →

Despicable Me 2 Movie Review


After suffering two critical flops in a row with 2011′s Hop and 2012′s The Lorax, Illumination Entertainment has returned to the property that made them a force to be reckoned with back in 2010. Despicable Me 2, a sequel to the original animated hit about a supervillain whose life is forever changed when he adopts three young girls for one of his evil plans, brings back all the beloved characters from the first movie from the ever-popular minions to the despicable star of the show himself, Gru. But can this sequel live up to the original? In similar fashion to a James Bond movie, Despicable Me 2 feels less like a singular film or saga and more like a serial; The… Read More →

Monsters University Movie Review


Monsters, Inc. had a lot to prove back in 2001. Aside from simply making back its budget, it had to show that computer generated hair could be convincing, that audiences could connect with a CGI child as much as they could with a traditionally animated one, and that Pixar’s previous critical successes could be duplicated even without John Lasseter in the director’s chair. And, thanks to its strong story, likeable characters, and great sense of humor, Monsters, Inc. did all that and more. The now-classic tale of Mike and Sulley’s encounter with a “deadly” human child was a major success and helped set the stage for Pixar’s domination of the animated landscape for the next decade. 2013, however, is a… Read More →

Random Access Memories Album Review


The world seems to go through Daft Punk phases. While their songs are always popular amongst electronica fans, the general population seems to enjoy their work for few-year stretches at a time, indulging in their hits for a while before removing them from their playlists. And that’s not a bad thing necessarily. It’s just…a thing. While some acts can release an album every few years and keep their fans happy, with their hits lasting for many, many years after their initial release, Daft Punk just can’t. I mean, how many times have you gone to put Technologic or Around the World back on your iPod? In spite of this, however, the duo has enjoyed continued success, releasing albums in spurts… Read More →

Cut the Rope: Time Travel Game Review


It’s always a treat to see a new ZeptoLab game available on the App Store. Amongst the cheap knock-offs and micro-transaction hounds, the Cut the Rope series and its new brother Pudding Monsters have always felt classier and more polished than most other iOS titles, thanks in no small part to how well-crafted the games are. Their work is designed to a high standard and it shows, especially in the older titles in the series that still hold up fantastically well. And as such, unlike most of the disposable hash constantly cluttering up the Top Downloaded section of the App Store, the work of ZeptoLabs have always been a digital breath of fresh air. And now, after nearly two years… Read More →

Sonic Dash Game Review


Ever since Canabalt pioneered it, the modern endless runner has been a huge staple of the iOS App Store and Android Marketplace. The easy-to-grasp concept, short-session gameplay, and simple controls lend the genre perfectly to mobile devices and, with the massive success of titles like Temple Run, it’s easy to see why so many runners have made their way to the pocket devices of people everywhere. The latest game hoping to capitalize on the runner phenomenon is Sonic Dash, a title from Sega that, while initially released at a premium, recently went free-to-play in a move directly mimicking Temple Run. And, like Temple Run, it’s a head-on 3D runner, this time swapping out temples for Green Hill Zones and explorers… Read More →

Wolf Album Review


I’ve always liked Tyler, The Creator and, ever since hearing about him through his Video Music Awards win for his single Yonkers, he’s always held my interest. Despite not always making the best musical choices in the world, he’s an insanely fascinating character with a lot going on in his work despite the fact that he’ll certainly deny that it has any nuance whatsoever. This intrigue has led me through his first two albums, the simply titled Bastard and Goblin, which both feature outstanding intros that sadly taper off later on, with songs getting less interesting as each album progresses. This isn’t enough to kill the intrigue of Tyler as a character, however, and still paint the story of his… Read More →

I Am Not a Human Being II Album Review

lil wayne i am not a human

Why are we still putting up with Lil Wayne? I mean, even with as much disdain as I have for rappers like 2 Chainz and Nicki Minaj, I can at least understand their appeal, both in general sound, marketing, and style. But why Lil Wayne? I’m seriously asking here. With all the artists doing exactly what Lil Wayne is doing only better, why has he stayed so consistently supported by the general public? Is it his recognizable style? The fact that he’s been around for a long time? A mixture of image and nostalgia? Regardless, however, he has officially released his latest album, entitled I Am Not a Human Being II, to what already appears to be commercial success. Is… Read More →

Oz The Great And Powerful Movie Review


I’ll admit it: I went into Oz the Great and Powerful with a bad attitude. After the terror that was Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland I didn’t want to go near anything similar that Disney did. That feeling was only solidified after seeing the film’s debut trailer and, once marketing materials came out showing the Wicked Witch with cleavage, I was certain there would be nothing redeemable to this film. However,  I did my best to go into the movie with a clean mind, ready to be fully supportive of the film if it turned out to be something enjoyable. Was director Sam Raimi able to create an awesome film out of the Oz legacy? Well, it was at least… Read More →