Despicable Me 2 Movie Review


After suffering two critical flops in a row with 2011′s Hop and 2012′s The Lorax, Illumination Entertainment has returned to the property that made them a force to be reckoned with back in 2010. Despicable Me 2, a sequel to the original animated hit about a supervillain whose life is forever changed when he adopts three young girls for one of his evil plans, brings back all the beloved characters from the first movie from the ever-popular minions to the despicable star of the show himself, Gru. But can this sequel live up to the original? In similar fashion to a James Bond movie, Despicable Me 2 feels less like a singular film or saga and more like a serial; The… Read More →

Monsters University Movie Review


Monsters, Inc. had a lot to prove back in 2001. Aside from simply making back its budget, it had to show that computer generated hair could be convincing, that audiences could connect with a CGI child as much as they could with a traditionally animated one, and that Pixar’s previous critical successes could be duplicated even without John Lasseter in the director’s chair. And, thanks to its strong story, likeable characters, and great sense of humor, Monsters, Inc. did all that and more. The now-classic tale of Mike and Sulley’s encounter with a “deadly” human child was a major success and helped set the stage for Pixar’s domination of the animated landscape for the next decade. 2013, however, is a… Read More →

Oz The Great And Powerful Movie Review


I’ll admit it: I went into Oz the Great and Powerful with a bad attitude. After the terror that was Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland I didn’t want to go near anything similar that Disney did. That feeling was only solidified after seeing the film’s debut trailer and, once marketing materials came out showing the Wicked Witch with cleavage, I was certain there would be nothing redeemable to this film. However,  I did my best to go into the movie with a clean mind, ready to be fully supportive of the film if it turned out to be something enjoyable. Was director Sam Raimi able to create an awesome film out of the Oz legacy? Well, it was at least… Read More →

Warm Bodies Movie Review


Zombies have officially worn out their welcome. Just like so many “gimmick” creatures before them, the zombie fad has become increasingly tired with every passing year thanks to the bevy of new zombie-based action movies, TV shows, and video games being released feeling like they’re doing little more than kicking a dead corpse. It’s quite sad that zombies have reached this point as the creatures really have a lot of storytelling potential left to unearth – certainly more than Call of Duty likes to show – and it would be great to see more intriguing zombie tales told, perhaps with a little more philosophy or symbolism behind them. Warm Bodies holds itself up to be just that, even though it’s… Read More →

Lincoln Movie Review


In contrast to the popular opinion, I’m not a very big fan of Steven Spielberg. Though he has directed some of the best, most memorable films of all time, his filmography has undeniably been peppered with plenty of rotten apples which prevents me from getting too excited about any new Spielberg production. Nonetheless, however, I was more than a little curious about Lincoln, a drama about the final portion of Lincoln’s life as he works to get the 13th Amendment through Congress and the latest in Spielberg’s directorial resume. And most other people were as well, it seems, as Lincoln amassed both critical and public success, granting Spielberg not only a huge box-office return but also a whopping 12 Oscar… Read More →

Kyurem vs. The Sword of Justice Movie Review


The Pokemon anime is easily one of the most odorless and unexciting video game-based cartoons of all time. From stale characters to boring storylines, it simply lacks the bite of other animes or even other Pokemon properties. Every once in a while, however, a feature film based off the show is released that tweaks the formula in such a way that the subject matter actually becomes enjoyable to watch. Though not every Pokemon movie gets it right, many do and each new release warrants excitement. The latest of these is Kyurem vs. The Sword of Justice, a fresh take on the tired formula of “follow Ash and his stupid friends” that shows just what Pokemon movies should be: about Pokemon…. Read More →

Life of Pi Movie Review


Despite being a quite unpopular opinion, and one that seems to enhance the fallacious idea that the “book is always better,” I honestly don’t care if a movie adaptation doesn’t include, or even changes, some aspects of the work it’s based on.While I don’t mean that an adaptation has the freedom to change everything about the source material, the fact of the matter is that books and movies are different mediums and, as such, must be treated differently. Some parts of a book translate perfectly to the silver screen. Others, however, simply don’t work as well and need to be changed, replaced, or reworked for the audio/video arts. Sadly, many people making adaptations don’t realize this fact and, instead of focusing on… Read More →

Breaking Dawn Part 1 & 2 Movie Review


NOTE: SPOILERS WILL BE DISPLAYED IN RED The biggest movie franchise since Harry Potter has finally finished as the second half of the final film in the popular Twilight series has at long last hit theaters. Based on the infamous books of the same name, everyone and their dog has had a go at the Twilight films, making the popular tween franchise the butt of just about every joke revolving around vampires, contrived romances, and bad acting. To my great chagrin, however, a byproduct of this market cynicism toward the series has been a lack of almost any strong criticism about it. At all. Because it’s the joke of the party, hardly anyone seems to even give it a fair… Read More →

Wreck-It Ralph Movie Review

Wreck-It Ralph

Movies based on video games have always been a very sad thing to behold. From old Nintendo tie-ins like the Super Mario Bros. movie and The Wizard to more “movie-ready” flicks like Tomb Raider, it’s known to most people that video game-based movies are almost as bad as movie-based video games. Almost. However, just as more recent movie-based video games have been receiving  some critical success (such as Avengers: Battle For Earth), so too have video game movies been getting more and more promising. Though not prefect Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time was considered decent by most accounts, and pre-production buzz for the Uncharted and Assassin’s Creed movies is extremely positive. Before these films even get off the ground, however,… Read More →

The Comedy Movie Review

The Comedy

The Comedy is a bad, bad movie. No witty intro, background analysis, or clever commentary can get around that fact. It’s a chore to watch, making each second feel like an eternity, and features no reward or payoff for viewers who make it all the way through. It has no plot, moving from moment to moment with seemingly no purpose, leaving viewers bored and annoyed. It has no likable main characters which, while not a problem in some movies (say, A Clockwork Orange), here serves only to isolate viewers from the experience, giving no passage for them to properly hate or sympathize with the film’s subjects. The movie is unlikable and unwatchable, with each scene slowly draining your sanity and patience, and… Read More →