Random Access Memories Album Review


The world seems to go through Daft Punk phases. While their songs are always popular amongst electronica fans, the general population seems to enjoy their work for few-year stretches at a time, indulging in their hits for a while before removing them from their playlists. And that’s not a bad thing necessarily. It’s just…a thing. While some acts can release an album every few years and keep their fans happy, with their hits lasting for many, many years after their initial release, Daft Punk just can’t. I mean, how many times have you gone to put Technologic or Around the World back on your iPod? In spite of this, however, the duo has enjoyed continued success, releasing albums in spurts… Read More →

Wolf Album Review


I’ve always liked Tyler, The Creator and, ever since hearing about him through his Video Music Awards win for his single Yonkers, he’s always held my interest. Despite not always making the best musical choices in the world, he’s an insanely fascinating character with a lot going on in his work despite the fact that he’ll certainly deny that it has any nuance whatsoever. This intrigue has led me through his first two albums, the simply titled Bastard and Goblin, which both feature outstanding intros that sadly taper off later on, with songs getting less interesting as each album progresses. This isn’t enough to kill the intrigue of Tyler as a character, however, and still paint the story of his… Read More →

I Am Not a Human Being II Album Review

lil wayne i am not a human

Why are we still putting up with Lil Wayne? I mean, even with as much disdain as I have for rappers like 2 Chainz and Nicki Minaj, I can at least understand their appeal, both in general sound, marketing, and style. But why Lil Wayne? I’m seriously asking here. With all the artists doing exactly what Lil Wayne is doing only better, why has he stayed so consistently supported by the general public? Is it his recognizable style? The fact that he’s been around for a long time? A mixture of image and nostalgia? Regardless, however, he has officially released his latest album, entitled I Am Not a Human Being II, to what already appears to be commercial success. Is… Read More →

Warrior Album Review


Ke$ha is a very, very easy person to hate. From her valley-girl style vocals and dirty “orgy-in-an-alley” persona to the fact that she has a dollar sign in her name, it’s incredibly easy to write her off as a hack that doesn’t deserve anyone’s time of day, let alone their money. However, despite the initial taste she left (or perhaps because of it), I couldn’t help but enjoy what Ke-dollar sign-ha offered up. From her talk-sing vocal style that sounded like an Americanized version of Uffie to her glitter-filled, anti-glitterati steeze, I couldn’t help but find much of her first album, Cannibal, to be a raucously fun, if a bit too stupid at times, release. And now, almost three years after Cannibal’s release,… Read More →

Duality Album Review


On Nov. 15, the mysterious rapper Captain Murphy released his debut project Duality in a rather peculiar fashion. Instead of giving fans a folder full of MP3’s like most would expect, Murphy released a 35-minute short film directed by Xavier Magot. The video is full of strange clips, including footage from the Heaven’s Gate cult initiation tape of leader Marshall Applewhite, footage of marijuana, and even clips from adult films. It’s certainly an interesting experience. However, does all of the intrigue make for a good experience? The music of Duality is almost, for a lack of a better word, psychedelic, with production from Flying Lotus, Just Blaze, and TNGHT to name a few. It matches well with the odd film,… Read More →

Take Me Home Album Review


There would be no One Direction if Justin Bieber hadn’t blown up a few years ago. Though we may still have had a boy band named One Direction floating around the charts, it was Bieber’s surprising success that reinvigorated the idea of “tween heartthrobs” in the eyes of music producers and, consequently, it was that success that gave Simon Cowell the desire to sign and market the band until it reached major Billboard success. And, though the buddies Zayn, Niall, Liam, Harry, and Louis may take on a more pre-pubescent form than their spiritual predecessors the Backstreet Boys, they are (at least in relative terms) every bit as popular to their primarily young, female fanbase as the Backstreet Boys were… Read More →

King Animal Album Review


Though they made headlines earlier this year by recording a single for Marvel’s The Avengers, it’s been a long time since 90’s grunge band Soundgarden released a new, full length studio album. 16 years, to be precise, and after a while most people resigned to the idea that they might never make a full album again. That turned out to be false, however, as the group has now officially released their sixth studio LP, King Animal. Fans of the group likely have a lot of questions leading up to the return of one of rock’s most beloved bands. The biggest question, obviously, lies within their sound. While they may have helped create their genre back in the ‘80s and ‘90s, do… Read More →

Lotus Album Review


Known for her extremely powerful delivery and heavily produced – almost Broadway-esque – instrumentals, Christina Aguilera has always been mildly popular. Similar to fellow singer P!nk, Aguilera has never really left the charts, but she’s also never captured America’s full attention like Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, or Britney Spears did. After starting her incredibly successful stint as one of the four hosts of NBC’s music competition The Voice, however, it was only a matter of time until the pop singer released a new album to capitalize or her revitalized fame. Sadly, that new album doesn’t hold up to scrutiny, as Lotus is nothing more than a corporate cash-in. First and foremost there are the songs themselves. Oh, the songs. The… Read More →

Music From Another Dimension! Album Review


Aerosmith is without a doubt one of the biggest forces in musical history. With a career spanning 42 years (and counting), Steven Tyler and the gang have had Top 10 hits in every decade since their formation in 1970 and have been a powerhouse act all the time. It’s been eight years since the band’s last record, the blues-based Honkin’ on Bobo. So, naturally, when the band premiered their single Legendary Child on the Season 11 finale of American Idol and officially announced their newest effort Music From Another Dimension!, a storm of hype began brewing beneath Aerosmith’s sizzling pot of rock n’ roll. And for months now we have had one question on our minds: can Dimension! live up… Read More →

An Omen Album Review


How To Destroy Angels felt like a godsend when they first broke onto the scene in 2010. The love product of industrial musician Trent Reznor, his wife Mariqueen Maandig, and longtime friend and collaborator Atticus Ross, their creepily surreal self-titled debut EP had a great sound to it and found a perfect balance between Reznor’s work for The Social Network and his work as Nine Inch Nails. Though not perfect, the EP left many fans, myself included, anxiously awaiting more from the fledgling musical project. And, two years later, we’re finally getting it. But does their new EP An Omen live up to the high expectations they set for themselves? Sadly, the answer is a resounding no. An Omen falls… Read More →