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Because the most talked about aspect of Nintendo’s new console is, undoubtedly, the intriguing new GamePad controller, many people are forgetting to discuss what the system is actually for. Though the intuitive new controls are certainly worth discussion and debate, it’s also important to talk about the system’s actual video games.

And, though Nintendo will assuredly be bringing plenty of new Mario and Zelda titles to the system, other franchises aren’t as sure-fire. And today we’d like to talk about some of those. These are our top nine series that we want to see revived on the Wii U.

Viewtiful Joe

While not everyone’s cup of tea, Viewtiful Joe was easily one of the most interesting games on the GameCube, both in gameplay and style. With its fun beat-em up style gameplay mixed with crazy powers and extreme levels of energy, Joe’s adventure is not something easily forgotten.

Um…Like a Boss?

That type of zany, over-the-top fun would be a perfect fit for the Wii U, especially during an off-season where there aren’t too many first party titles being released. And, with the game’s director already working on two new titles for the system (The Wonderful 101 and Bayonetta 2), we might actually see this pick come to fruition.

TIE: Glover and Billy Hatcher

Billy Hatcher is a game where you play as a boy in a chicken suit and have to use a giant egg to beat baddies and complete platforming puzzles. Glover is a game where you play as a…well, as a glove, and have to use a ball to beat baddies and complete platforming puzzles.

Surprisingly, This Is the LESS Weird of the Two

It’d be nice to see either of them return to prominence on the Wii U. Either could utilize the GamePad for rolling mechanics a la Super Monkey Ball and both would, even under the worst circumstances, at least be an interesting way to shake up the system’s soon-to-come Mario monotony.


Psst. Hey, Nintendo. Want to make a sizable financial return on an investment while appeasing fans looking for more “hardcore” titles? I know you do, or else you wouldn’t be pushing ZombieU and Bayonetta 2 so much. Do you know how you could do that? It’s simple. Make a new Conker game.

Hey, What A Great Idea!

Even though it’d be a pain to wrestle the rights back from Microsoft, it would be more than worth it. With a well-installed fanbase that’s growing all the time, a properly designed sequel could sell systems for many adults on the fence. Though we all want to see a new Banjo-Kazooie, Conker is far more reasonable a pick and would certainly be a good time as well.


Meteos is the perfect candidate for Nintendo’s downloadable Wii U killer app. No, not A perfect candidate. THE perfect candidate. Based around simple puzzle action (somewhat in the vein of Tetris or Puzzle League), Meteos was designed for the DS from the ground up to utilize dual-screen touch gameplay, and it shows in the execution.

Time To Blow

Though it wouldn’t be worth $60 at retail, a version of Meteos enhanced with HD graphics, cool effects, some Nintendo cameos, online versus, and GamePad-centric gameplay would be a reason to get the Wii U online and, even better, would give Sony’s popular Lumines series a run for its money.

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